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Craft In The Bay

Craft in the Bay

Craft in the Bay is a contemporary craft gallery located in the cultural bay area of Cardiff. The regional hub for contemporary craft and applied art, showing craft by its membership of over eighty makers living and working in Wales. A registered charity, the Makers Guild Wales is committed to supporting its membership and guest artists, celebrating excellence in contemporary craft and creating opportunities for the public to engage with seeing and learning about craft. The guild curates an annual programme of exhibitions and specialist craft workshops held at the gallery and outreach venues, engaging with national and international artists and audiences.

Makers Guild Wales has invited its membership of ceramic artists to respond to the proposal of creating a piece of work or collection that is inspired by the work of a contemporary Welsh painter. They can select a painter of their choice, perhaps already feeling a connection between their own work and that of the painter, or deciding to explore completely unfamiliar aesthetics. They could consider for example technique, colour, proportion, perspective, subject, lighting, shadow, scale and how they may re-invent or interpret this through their manipulation of clay. The process could involve a dialogue between ceramic artist and painter, becoming more of a two-way process of discussion, influence, experimentation.

Address: Craft in the Bay, The Flourish, Lloyd George Avenue, Cardiff Bay CF10 4QH


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